Controlling Pests Outside Your Home

Travel a Lot? 3 Steps to Prevent Bedbug Infestations

If you spend a lot of time in hotels, you run risk of carrying bedbugs home with you. Unfortunately, bedbugs have infested many popular hotels. One way to protect yourself against possible bedbug infestation is to check with an online bedbug registry before making your reservations. This will reduce your chances of checking into a hotel […]

Small Business Owner Tips For Dealing With Bed Bug Infestations

Although previously associated only with hotels and homes, bed bugs are a common problem for businesses of all kinds now. Even in traditional office space, employees or customers can carry bed bugs into the building. Once they settle in, they can reproduce quickly and become a nuisance. Here are some things you should know to […]

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Three Things You Need To Know About Bark Scorpions

There are many types of scorpions in the deserts of the southwestern United States, including bark scorpions. Here are three things you need to know about bark scorpions. What do bark scorpions look like? Bark scorpions are yellowish-brown, and this light color helps them blend into desert environments. They can get as large as three […]

Three Ways To Keep Opossums From Moving In

Opossums—also called possums—are rodent-like marsupials that are found throughout the eastern half of the United States. These scavengers will raid your garbage cans and even take up residence inside your attic or walls. Here are three ways to keep these smelly creatures from moving in. Get rid of debris on your property Debris on your […]

2 Things You Need To Know About Getting Pest Control

Most homeowners deal with bugs and pests at some point in their home. The problem may be mild, or it could be severe and become overwhelming. The best way to deal with a pest problem, big or small, is to hire a professional exterminator to come in and eradicate the problem. Here are some things […]

Four Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home

Ants can be pesky invaders in your home, and their presence doesn’t always mean that your house isn’t clean. If you have an ant problem, there are a few things you can do to help stop them from taking over your living space. Clean Up After Them When ants crawl across your floor, they leave […]

Tired Of Bed Bugs Biting At Night? Try These Helpful Tips

Your bed is the safe haven of your bedroom. This is where you should be able to find absolute serenity at the end of a long day to rest and rejuvenate. However, if you have a bed bug problem in your home, finding rest in your bed will be anything but easy. Between the paranoia […]

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Keep Out! 3 Steps To Keep Pests Away This Winter

Summer is almost over, which means that cooler temperatures will soon be here. Unfortunately, cooler weather often brings uninvited guests in the form of four-legged rodents. Mice love to find ways into warm and cozy homes during the winter months. If you’re not prepared for the invasion, you could end up with a nasty infestation […]

What You Can Do to Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Home

If you or someone you know has ever dealt with bed bugs, you know how much of a nuisance they can be. Not only do they often leave small, red scars on your skin from their bites, but they can also be extremely difficult to get rid of once they move in. The best thing […]

Have Bees And Ants Around Your Business Dumpster? What To Do

Do you have bees and wasps, ants and other insects around the business because of the dumpster? Does the dumpster attract these insects because of left behind residue and the problem is severe when the weather is hot? If so, you want to treat the issue before someone gets hurt by the pests and before […]

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