controlling pests outside your home

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controlling pests outside your home

Few things are quite as irritating as settling in on your patio or deck with a good book on a cool summer's evening and getting attacked by mosquitoes and other insects. Eliminating pests inside your home is oftentimes simple, but getting rid of the exterior pests can be a bit more complicated since they can come from so many places. Our blog will show you how to control exterior pests and even a few tips for keeping your home pest-free. We hope that the information that we have provided here will help you relax when you want to without having to deal with insects, rodents and other pests.

Different Pests, Different Problems

There are many different types of pests to try to protect your home from, and many different reasons why the various kinds of pests are problematic. This basic guide on pest control issues with different types may be helpful when it comes to better-protecting your home from pest infestations and damages.  Termites Termites are pests you always want to be on the lookout for, and that you always want to try to prevent from coming to your home. Read More 

Bed Bug Control For Your In-Home Vacation Rental: How To Combat An Issue

With the increasing popularity of alternative ways for travelers to find a place to stay when they get away, many property owners are learning to earn a second income by renting a portion of their property. If you have a section of your home that you are using for vacation rental purposes, you have one little worry that can be more pressing than others: bed bugs. It is no secret that hotels, motels, and even beach condos are constantly faced with bed bug problems. Read More