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controlling pests outside your home

Few things are quite as irritating as settling in on your patio or deck with a good book on a cool summer's evening and getting attacked by mosquitoes and other insects. Eliminating pests inside your home is oftentimes simple, but getting rid of the exterior pests can be a bit more complicated since they can come from so many places. Our blog will show you how to control exterior pests and even a few tips for keeping your home pest-free. We hope that the information that we have provided here will help you relax when you want to without having to deal with insects, rodents and other pests.

Travel a Lot? 3 Steps to Prevent Bedbug Infestations

If you spend a lot of time in hotels, you run risk of carrying bedbugs home with you. Unfortunately, bedbugs have infested many popular hotels. One way to protect yourself against possible bedbug infestation is to check with an online bedbug registry before making your reservations. This will reduce your chances of checking into a hotel that's had a recent outbreak. In addition to monitoring where you stay when you travel, here are some simple steps you can take to keep them out of your home.

Quarantine Your Luggage

You never know what might have crawled in your luggage while you were staying in the hotel. If you sat your luggage on the bed or carpeting—two places that bedbugs love to hide—you might have carried bugs home in your clothing. To prevent bedbug infestations, make a stop in the garage when you get home. Remove your clothing from the luggage and shake everything out. Then, toss your laundry in the washing machine. Take a vacuum to your luggage and then place it in a black plastic bag. Leave your luggage sealed in the bag for several days. The heat that builds up in the bag will kill the bedbugs.

Seal Your Mattresses

You want to make sure that bedbugs don't make it to your mattresses. Once they've attached themselves to your mattresses, you'll have a difficult time getting rid of them. The easiest way to prevent infestations is to seal your mattresses with special bug-proof covers. Remove all of the bedding from your bed and place a cover on the mattress—preferably one that fully encases the mattress and zips closed. With the cover in place, your mattress will be protected against bedbug invasion. For maximum protection, be sure to wash your mattress cover in hot water at least once a month. You can also spray it with a 50/50 solution of bleach and water once a week. The solution will help keep bugs away between washings.

Vacuum Weekly

Bedbugs don't just live on your mattresses. They can also be hiding in the carpeting around your beds. To help keep bedbugs out of your home, you should vacuum the area around your beds at least once a week. Be sure to get under the beds and along the walls.

If you travel, you need to protect yourself against bedbug invasions. The tips provided here will help keep them out of your house. If you do discover bedbugs in your home, be sure to contact a pest-control technician as soon as possible.